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Friday, March 26, 2010

Early lessons in Social Media

I attended Seattle's Twestival on Thursday night, hosted by the Seattle Media Club. I had no idea what I was buying a ticket for, except that there would be live trapeze, food, drinks, and lots of people I don't yet know. My good friends Papillong and Shannon promised to introduce me to plenty of people with experience and strong opinions.

A sample of my newbie Q&A:

q) Do people following 500 tweeters read every tweet? Do they miss important stuff?
a) Actually, they don't bother. Don't be shy about reposting your own tweets several times.

q) Where can I peek at a model service level agreement for all this posting & monitoring I might do for a company?
a) Not many people do this- the field is young. How about you put one out there?

Every answer could have been preceded by a big DUH but instead everyone was quite friendly and supportive.

Here are some pieces of the strategy I'm putting together for the local non-profit I'm working with on social media managment:

Facebook: Use for longer content, videos, and photos.

  • Photo permission: When people are clearly identifiable in your photos, get their express permission to be on your Facebook page.
  • Videos: Amatuer videos with short, creative content are more exciting and likely to be shared than professional videos.

Twitter: Use for quick idea sharing, volume, easy outreach to possible followers.
  • be proactive: instead of just posting and hoping folks come to you, search Twitter posts for questions you can answer, and reach out. Twitter has a new optional locator feature that means you can search by subject & origin (like health questions from Seattle).

  • freebies: these are fun but beware of overinflated expectations. There are some people who scan for goodies and won't read otherwise. Make offers sporadic or offer a creatively cost-free prize.

  • follow: be a good follower! Check out others doing good work and follow them to learn more. They might follow you back. Social media thrives on multi-way exchanges where older media were one-way.

I'd love to hear what your strategies to find people to help, with the result of providing a service and increasing readership. Thanks!

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  1. This is interesting but still a little elusive to me, the uninitiated in social media despite having a FB page, Twitter Account, blog and lame web page. It still all seems so one way to me ... me talking and no one listening. Would you like to use Momo as a guinea pig for what you learn? You could measure results (followers gained, sales levels) over a period of time, say six months? Let's talk if you're interested.