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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A lesson about community success

One of the life lessons I'm coming to understand is that one person's success does not prevent your own. In the blogosphere, there are plenty of people with great content and creative, funny writing. There's space out here for everyone to share their thoughts, rants, tools, and other contributions; all you need is a unique address.

Five bloggers have agreed to team up for a challenge today. I want to introduce you to my new friends- enjoy!

1) Jamie at All My Loose Ends: Jamie tackles marriage, motherhood and creativity all tied up in one. She wrote a heart-wrenching post in February about the importance of saying yes to our children. See Jamie for a big picture perspective, and the funny little moments kids bring to her life too.

2) Goannatree by Anna: Anna Blanch humorously claims the longest list post in the history of list posts, but offers pointed advice for surviving and thriving in college and graduate level seminars and tutorials. She often writes about her journey through Graduate School and her life as an ex-pat – she is an Australian living in the St Andrews, Scotland who spent some time living in the heart of Texas! But more than this, Anna, a self described scholar-blogger, explores the relationships between literature and popular culture, religion, theology, and faith. I'm deep into her post about Children’s literature and finding lesson plans I can use at home for my preschooler who adores reading!

3) Spitfiresworld: SpitFire uses a Highway of Life analogy to write stories focused on making life's journey more smooth, and most importantly, keeps the kids (and you) from asking, "are we there yet"? She reminds us that our loved ones, not the mirror, are the most telling reflection of beauty in this loving post.

4) Terri (TheCoolMom) writes TheVeryLatestThing: She describes herself as a wife of 1, mother of 10, and grandmother of 2. She's writing 2 blogs and 1 novel; this is one influential woman so listen up when she shares advises caution to businesses using Facebook!

5) Kendra writes KreatebyKeKe: a new scrapbooking blog by a beginner, for beginners. I'm a crafter myself and can vouch for Kendra's beautiful style with a good dose of humor. See her funnybone-tickling post about Scrapbooking Etiquette For Beginners whether you're a scrapper or not!

Scrapping Do or Don't? You'll have to visit KreatebyKeKe to find out!


  1. Jenny, you're awesome... thanks for the amazing introduction!

    How's the challenge going? I feel myself lagging a bit....

  2. Same here- I have been up late every night since the challenge started trying not to fall behind. Then life catches up!

    I read a bit ahead and posted to the forum to ask for collaborators on Day 7. Have you ever written about interviewing by any chance?